Empanelling Research Fellows and Research Associates with KMSCL Institute for Drug Studies (KIDS) - Applications Invited

Kerala Medical Services Corporation Limited (KMSCL) is established by the Govt. of Kerala in 2007 with the objective of promoting access to medicines to the society and to ensure scientific and cost effective methods and procedure in procurement, storage, distribution and inventory management of medicines, surgical and other hospital items. In order to coordinate, promote and conduct research and education programmes on drug use, medicine policies and other related aspects, the Corporation started KMSCL Institute for Drug Studies (KIDS)

KIDS will conduct research studies on various aspects of medicines and issues related to the use drugs. The areas of interest of KIDS include ( but not limited to) drug policies, medicine usage, problems related to procurement, marketing, indenting process, warehousing, storage, dispensing, quality related issues, usage of medicines, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacovigilance, medication errors and other drug related issues at hospital and community levels. This Centre plans to take up medicine related issues for proper and scientific studies and submit reports / recommendations to KMSCL, DME, DHS, Drug Control department and the Government. It will also take up programs aimed at educating various stakeholders including patients, doctors, pharmacists, paramedical staffs, on aspects like essential medicines concepts and related issues like , standard treatment guidelines, formularies and other prescription related issues. KIDSs will take up projects and programs aimed at promoting Good Dispensing Practices and Accreditation of pharmacies and ware houses. The Centre will alsocritically analyze the data related to drug policies and usage available with KMSCL, DME/ DHS institutions, drugs control laboratories and other institutions and submit reports to concerned authorities. Now KIDS is in the process of empanelling Research Fellows and Research Associates throughout the state of Kerala with the objective promoting its above stated research and education activities.

Eligibility for Research Fellows.

Post graduates in Pharmacy/ Medicine/ Nursing/ Health Sciences/ Biological Science/Management/Engineering/ Economic etc. with a flair for research, investigative studies and writing. Teachers, employees, working professionals, research scholars professionals working in drugs control /Quality control/research labs/ industries etc. (both in public and private) can apply. PhD holders and those having previous experience and publications will be given due weightage.

Eligibility for Research Associates.

Working professionals in pharmacy and health care having interests in such studies, students pursuing P.G programmes in pharmacy/Pharm.D (Doctor of Pharmacy),medicine, nursing and other health related disciplines with a flair for research studies can apply

Future prospects.

KIDS will issue privilege cards / authorized Identity Card for the empanelled research fellows and research associates which will help them to have access and approach for information / data gathering from persons/ institutions including government and private hospitals, pharmacies drug control offices and other establishments for the research / study purposes, provided, the topics of their research work are approved by KIDS. Students can do projects and thesis under the scheme.

Certificate of appreciation will be provided to those research associates who have successfully completed their respective projects/ works. Those who have performed exceptionally well during their projects/ studies will be considered for further funded research projects/ schemes/ student projects etc. of KIDS. Experienced / good track record having research scholars will be given weightage. Eligible candidates will be supported for their M.Phil/ PhD works provided the topics are related to the activities of KIDS. They will also get weightage for vacancies arising in KMSCL and its other projects.

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